Stuart + Kelly, Larchfield Estate

The barn, Larchfield Estate

The barn, Larchfield Estate

I had heard many great things about Larchfield Estate and was very pleased to have been booked to Photograph Stuart and Kelly's wedding at the venue.  I love shooting at venues like Larchfields, where the bride and groom have the exclusive use of the entire estate,  the photo opportunities are endless!

I had met up with the happy couple a few months prior to their wedding and it was clear from our first meeting that this was going to be a fun day. 

I was hoping that the weather would hold out, as Larchfield Estate has endless gardens, fields and a large lake to explore (Northern Ireland weather in September is never reliable!)  Luckily, it was mainly dry.  The happy couple were very patient and were happy to walk through a few muddy fields to get to some good spots.  I'm glad they were willing to mkae that effort as I am really happy with the results. 

Congratulations Stuart & Kelly! X

Jack & Claire at Winkworth Farm, Malmesbury


When Jack called me to ask me to shoot his upcoming wedding, I was over the moon.  I have known Jack for a few years, having previously worked with him and it always feels like such an honour when a friend asks me to be their photographer. 

Winkworth farm is set on the edge of the Cotswolds and features a lovingly restored barn, which is perfect for spring time weddings! Jack and Claire were very lucky, as the recent bad weather eased up for the day and we had plenty of sunshine.  They weren't taking any chances though, so decided to hold the wedding ceremony inside the building, rather than outside in the courtyard area.

The day went perfectly, apart from a near mini disaster when the florists van broke down on the M4, but they turned up just in time!   To round the day off, we were lucky to catch a great sunset across the farm in the evening, followed by a bit of YMCA on the dance floor.  Perfect!

Here's a few of the images from their special day (feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page)

Alison & Giles Wedding at Guyers House, Corsham

Alison and Giles springtime wedding at Guyers House

I have been so lucky this year with the various venues that I have been working at and the amazing couples who I have spent many days with whilst shooting their special days.  This wedding was no exception, Guyers house is a stunning country house in Corsham, near Bath and Alison & Giles were both an absolute dream to work with. 

Being a springtime wedding, the weather can never be guaranteed and the threat of a downpour was never far away. Luckily, the rain held off until the late into the evening, allowing all the guests to make the most of the amazing gardens around the venue.  The gardens provided the perfect backdrop for some great springtime shots.

Here's a selection of the pictures from the day, feel free to leave any comments at the bottom of the page! 

Lewis + Ginette. Spring sunshine in South Wales.

When I met Lewis and Ginette for the first time back in September last year, I instantly knew that they were going to have a stunning wedding.  I hoped that they would choose me to be their photographer, so I was delighted when they confirmed the date with me shortly after our meeting!

I met up with Ginette at her Mums in Newport where there was a real buzz of excitement running through the hectic house and the sun was starting to shine outside. Perfect!

Their wedding ceremony was held in Ginette's family church in Llanvair Discoed, a picturesque village in Monmouthshire, South Wales.  I had to make a quick dash across to the village to meet Lewis, not realising that I would have to reverse down narrow lanes every few minutes to allow oncoming traffic to pass.  By the time I reached the church, the sun was beating down and it was beginning to feel like a mid summers day, not April.  

I loved the church as it was very compact, which made the ceremony feel really personal.  Finding the best positions for capturing the moments was a little challenging, but luckily the male voice choir were very accommodating, often giving up their seats for me to crawl past.  

Due to the location of the church, I was determined to find some local beauty spots to make a quick stop at on the way to the reception venue - The Old Barn Inn.  Wentwood reservoir is situated just down the road, but had apparently been closed to the public for some time due to a certain type of Algae being present in the waters.  This was very disappointing as I knew we could get some amazing shots there.  Luckily, I decided to call Welsh water and found out that the reservoir had been re-opened, so we were able to make a detour on the way to The Old Barn Inn.  Some local fishermen offered to take Lewis and Ginette out on their rickety old wooden boats for some photos, un-suprisingly they decided to decline the offer and settled for the views from the jetty instead.

During the wedding breakfast, I went for a quick wander around the inside of the venue and noticed a great stream of light coming in through the rooftop window. As soon as they had both finished their deserts, I whisked them both upstairs for some shots on the balcony, which worked out great! We then took a walk down the road in the dying sunlight and got some great shots on the fields.  

I loved this wedding so much and felt very lucky to be a part of Lewis and Ginette's amazing day.

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Darren & Amy's Wedding at Clearwell Castle, Forest of Dean

I met up with Darren and Amy at Clearwell Castle a few weeks ago to have a walk around the venue together.  Unfortunately, the rain was pouring down and it was really cold, so we escaped to a local bar for a warm cup of coffee.   Having a wedding in March can be hit or miss weather wise, but Darren and Amy were lucky on their special day and I didn't need to unwrap my new collection of Bridal umbrellas just yet.

Darren and Amy's wedding was my first of 2015 and I was really pleased to be kicking the season off in style at Clearwell Castle.  The Castle is set within the small village of Clearwell in the Forest of Dean and the whole area is stunning.  

When I arrived at the venue, the girls were busy getting ready upstairs in the Bridal suite and the boys were preparing to take a walk into the village for a quick drink, so I spent a little time with Amy and the girls and then followed the boys down the long castle drive into the village (I would lose count of the number of times I ran up and down the Castle driveway throughout the day!).   Both the bride and the groom were totally relaxed and were very excited about the day ahead.  A quick run back up to the Bridal suit and then straight back down to Church ready for Amy to make her arrival and then I really did need to sit down for a minute or two!  

I love church services for weddings, but the limited lighting is always a challenge - especially when the sun is not shining.  The setting inside a church usually makes up for these challenges however and always results in fantastic photographs from the service.  After the service was over, we set off for a quick walk around the stunning Castle grounds to capture a few portraits.  I really wanted to make the most of the amazing backdrop to the wedding, so I managed to persuade Darren and Amy (who were both amazingly patient all day) to venture back out in the evening to get a few night time shots under the Castle archway.  I was so happy with the results!  You can see a selection of the shots from the day below, including an amazing firework display which was kept as a surprise from all the guests by the Bride and Groom. 

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Congratulations Mr and Mrs Lewis! x