Tom & Becky - Tipi's on the family farm

From the minute I met Becky & Tom, I was so excited about their wedding.  At our first meeting they tole me all about their plans to turn Tom's family farm, set in the hills near Cold Ashton, into a dream wedding venue, complete with Tipi's and Glamping for the guests.  

I visited them both at the family farm a few weeks before the special day and after a short time walking around with them both and sitting down for a cup of tea with Tom's family I could tell that their wedding was going to be a true family affair.

The whole day, from beginning to end was all about Tom, Becky and their family.  The wedding was being held on Tom's family farm and Becky was getting ready in her house which is conveniently located next door to her parents home, joined by a little path through the garden.  Becky's dad even popped across to provide a little pre wedding entertainment with his guitar (warming up for his bands appearance on the farm later in the day!).

I truly loved this wedding - not only was the setting out of this world, but the bond between Tom and Becky and the love from their family and friends made this a day that I will never forget.  

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