Fiona + Peter at the Inishowen Gateway Hotel, Buncrana, Donegal

A very wet day in Donegal!

A very wet day in Donegal!

We are so lucky in Ireland to have some of the most stunning scenery along the coastline. But we can’t always guarantee the weather! Fiona and Peters day at the Inishowen Gateway was wet and windy, but they were both really keen to get out onto the beach along the Donegal coastline. The weather never puts me off and with a brave bride and groom, there was no stopping us!

The positive side of the bad weather, is a dramatic, stormy looking sky. I have to admit that I soemtimes prefer this to a nice sunny scene. If only it could be done without getting wet!

Congratulation Fiona and Peter, your day was really special and lots of fun.