Steve & Eloise's wedding at Clifton College & St Georges Hall, Bristol

I've known Steve for over 5 years and with Steve also being a photography geek, I would often seek his opinion on my shots when I first started out photographing weddings.   No pressure at all on this job then!

I didn't have to worry though, the setting they chose for the day combined with Eloise's good looks meant that my job was easy. Steve didn't look too bad either!  Heading back to Bristol for the weekend always gets me excited and feels like I almost coming home, so I was super excited about their day.  Eloise was staying at the Thirty Eight guest house, overlooking the Downs and not too far from the venue for their service, which was being held at Steve's old stomping ground, Clifton College.  You couldn't get a much more impressive venue to hold a wedding service. 

From one grand venue to another, as we made our way to St Georges Hall for the reception.  Being a hot sunny day meant that all the guests could spend the afternoon relaxing in the gardens around the historic concert hall.  Inside the venue had been transformed into a bright and colourful Moroccan themed wonderland!  

I had a great day with Steve & Eloise and managed to let my hair down later in the evening for once.  What a day!