Samantha + Lee at Aztec Spa and Hotel, Bristol


The weather has been pretty poor so far this summer, so it was a welcome surprise to spend the day with Samantha and Lee in the Bristol sunshine.  In fact, it was almost too hot, I had to lose the suit jacket straight after the wedding ceremony! 

This was my first time working at the Aztec Spa and Hotel in Bristol, but I have spent some time around the adjacent area before, so I knew all the great places hidden around the venue to go and get some shots of the happy couple.  Lee and Samantha were both a joy to work with and their day was full of tears and laughter - especially during the reception when a bouquet of flowers somehow managed to get thrown all over Lee's Dad. That was certainly a first for me!

Some of the images from the day are below, feel free to add your comments below. 

Mark x